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A Reality Check for Wellness Programs

 Health Check for Wellness Programs” by Lauren Weber in today’s Wall Street Journal has some of the facts straight, which is better than most stories on this subject.

We have learned …


Medical expert Richard Besser, M.D., reported about an “epidemic” increase in torn ACL knee injuries in elementary school children on the “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” yesterday (…

Know What’s Killing Team Sports? Parents

Perhaps you saw the recent story in the Wall Street Journal about kids playing fewer teams sports. My alter ego, Da Ole Coach, certainly did and here’s my report on what he had to …

"Holy Moments": Meditation and Relaxation Music   

Hawk Littlejohn's
 Sacred Flute

Hawk Littlejohn Sacred Flute

In this picture taken at Machu Picchu, I am playing the Sacred Flute that was made for me by Hawk Littlejohn.  Click here to listen to "Amazing Grace," one of the tracks on my CD, or to place an order for "Holy Moments."

I first heard the Native American flute while attending a drumming workshop in Raleigh, NC in 1989. A cassette recording was playing background music featuring the flute.  When I inquired, the group leader explained that the artist, Hawk Littlejohn, lived in the countryside near Durham, N.C. Within a couple of days, I'd had arranged to meet Hawk at his flute workshop and studio.

Hawk gave me a brief demonstration on how to breathe and cover the holes with the pads of each finger.  He played a brief vignette and handed the flute to me. After several huffs and puffs, and with some finger adjustments, I surprised both Hawk and myself with a steady tone and full vibrato. Hawk began to laugh thinking I was putting him on, but I really had no idea what was happening. The flute just seemed to play itself.

I stayed in regular contact with Hawk who gave encouragement and tips to enhance my intuitive music skills. After he moved back to Old Fort, N.C., Hawk  called to say he had a special gift for me and I should expect it to arrive soon. That night I dreamt of this weird looking flute with an incredibly large breather. I remember telling my youngest son in detail about the dream the next morning and complaining to him about this mysterious oversized breather that seemed to dwarf the rest of the flute. 

When the flute arrived, click here to continue

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